Week 8

Take a look at what a large format camera can bring you! I’m very very excited at the detail I pulled out of these negatives. This is a just a sample, a starting point, to what I’m working on now. Let me know what you think! I’m questioning the straight on perspective. -JD

Week 2

I took this photograph last semester. Austin and I had a day of taking a bunch of pictures, and she helped me out with using some new lights. It is an extension of the Iris project and made me realize how much I really loved shooting that project. I plan on extending it in the upcoming semester. I want to broaden my demographic further than college kids, and I’m going to fool around with 4×5 instead of medium format. – JD

Week 1

This is a shot taken on my recent road trip, but I decided it didn’t quite fit into the series. I still love the shot, and the pump is in the same location as the “Star of the American Road” station. – JD