Week 19

The site is getting close to 5,000 hits, and that is really exciting for me. Thank you to everyone who keeps visiting. This picture is on the Holland / German border, right before it began to rain. – JD

Week 14

This is a new cityscape from atop the Empire State Building. I woke up at 4am to get there at 5:30 and this is the second of the two pictures I put together from the shoot. It was crazy to be up there alone so early. The wind was ridiculously strong and it deterred me from using my 4×5 camera. The fact that I was completely alone up there outside was actually scary. It was so high up, and so early in the morning, that the city didn’t seem to feel real at that point. Overall a crazy experience that was one of a kind – JD

Week 13

On Sunday I went to Washington Square Park, draped a little black back drop over some light stands and put a sign on the ground that said “free portaits”. I shot 18 people and this is one of the five negatives that I really like. And, as promised I’m sending each person a portait who sat for me. I shall be shooting again in the park because it was a lot of fun and laid back. – JD

Week 11

Another week, and a new eye. I really like this one. It is becoming spring in the city, so I’m going to go outside and shoot either this weekend or next. I will be heading off to London next semester to study abroad through NYU, and I plan on taking a lot of pictures out there as well as to keep updating the site. – JD

Week 10

As the weather turns warm here, I’m taking this show outside and going to try and pull people off the street of all different ages to get more variety in these shots. So I guess be looking for that in the future. – JD


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