Week 48

This week was a photoshoot of the band Julius C. These guys are great. I had a lot of fun shooting them, and hope to do it again. Big things to look forward to. I’m in the middle of setting up a gallery show up state in Connecticut involving many of my European Landscapes. – JD

Week 42

Abroad recap.

Week 42

Week forty-two marks the end of my semester abroad. I’m back home with family for the winter break. Right now I’m making a book of about forty pictures edited from the 5,000 I took digitally. I still need to develop about twenty rolls of 120mm film, and will be working with those negatives next semester.

Here are a few pictures throughout the past 6 months that did not make the photos of the week.

I want to thank everyone who helped make this possible, which in turn helped me take these pictures. Specifically, Scott, Sheri, Mom, Dad, and James. My time abroad has contributed to my education more than I could ever imagined, and I truly believe that I will become a better photographer in the future for it. – JD

Week 41


Week 41

Right now I am in Birmingham with a whole lot of time to edit photos. When January comes around I will be back in Brooklyn. Here are a couple of composites I’ve done recently. – JD